When it comes to sex as is relates to dating, there are some people who think it should be saved until you’ve gotten to know someone on a “deeper” level, but there are also some people who feel like it can happen right after a first date if the vibe and attraction are right.

For me, there are a bunch of variables that go through my mind when contemplating whether or not I want to sleep with someone on a first date or if I want to wait, or if I’m even interested in having sex with them at all. I haven’t ever slept with someone on the first date and don’t think I will, but that’s simply because I don’t feel comfortable sleeping with someone whom I know almost nothing about.

I constantly hear about individuals putting the 90 Day Rule into place, where they make the person they’re dating wait 90 days before any sexual activity takes place. Some do this because they think that waiting is the right thing to do, but it’s all based on personal preference, and there is no guaranteed outcome in waiting. If you think waiting will make a guy or girl respect you more or if you think it’ll make them stay with you long term, you’re not necessarily correct. Making someone wait won’t miraculously cause them to fall in love with you for you, nor will it make them feel obligated to stay with you after you do have sex. When you establish a concrete waiting period before you’ll allow sex to take place, some see this as you setting a goal post, and their only endgame is to do whatever it takes to get you to the point that you feel comfortable sleeping with them so they can get whatever they want.

Sleeping with someone on the first date has its potential pros and cons as well. It could end up being a one time thing where you never hear back from the person because all they wanted in the first place was sex, or you could end up developing a serious connection with the person down the line. It all depends on both parties involved and what their end goal is.

There’s no guaranteed way to make someone like you or want to be with you – you have to take chances and go with whatever route you feel is best.

All in all, you should always do what you feel comfortable with, while weighing out the potential outcome of the situation. If you feel like having sex with someone the first night you meet them, go for it, just make sure you protect yourself. If you want to wait 90 days because that makes you feel more comfortable, that’s fine as well. Your own preferences and safety should be the main factor in your decision, and you shouldn’t attempt to shame or disrespect people because their preferences are different than yours.

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