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If you’re active on any form of social media, chances are you’ve seen it: people leaving rude, disrespectful, and just plain tactless comments on the posts of celebrities and public figures. Of course, just about everyone has had experiences with people they know or don’t know leaving negative comments on their own social media accounts, but for this piece, I’m focusing on public figures.

I’ve personally never understood why people constantly verbal attack celebs on social networks. If they dislike them as much as they claim, you’d think they’d completely ignore their existence and focus on their own life and career. With all of the time that people spend slandering celebs on social media, they could be doing something productive for themselves, but of course, not everyone is a logical thinker, and some people simply thrive off of attempting to spread misery and negativity.

I see celeb slander on Twitter pretty much everyday whether it be something that’s retweeted onto my timeline, or something that someone I follow tweets. It’s incredibly pathetic and when you’re in your 20s or 30s (or older) and view slandering celebrities for no legitimate reason as fun, it just shows how little you think of yourself.

One celeb who still gets a crap-load of hate, that in my opinion isn’t deserved, is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Snooki rose to fame after appearing on MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore, which has led to her getting a spinoffs, successfully marketing her brand of various products, releasing top selling books, snagging various endorsements, and more.

(Michael Loccisano/Getty Images For ESPN)

When Snooki first appeared on Jersey Shore, people viciously attacked her for everything from her weight at the time, to her antics while drinking. Let’s be honest though, not many people are in perfect shape and even fewer have remained fully composed after a night full of drinking and partying. Even after Snooki lost weight and slowed down on drinking, people would find something else “wrong” with her and send rude tweets her way, solidifying my opinion that people just want to take out their insecurities and anger on others.

Jimmy Kimmel took a great approach to Twitter slander by introducing a segment called “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” where, as the title suggests, celebs read mean tweets that people write about them and respond on camera. The segment is meant to show just how reckless people are beyond a keyboard, while also showing that the celebrities in question genuinely don’t care about the opinions of people they don’t know. Especially when the provided opinions are rude and come from a place of misery from the commentators.

All in all, while some can be people simply being trolls, it’s still pathetic that you choose to use your own platform for negativity instead of doing something that can be truly valued.

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