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The City of Brotherly Love is full of immensely talented musicians – all of whom are working incredibly hard to create the best works of sonic art and using their music to bring people together. There are 4 musicians that come to mind who are on their own path to greatness, and this will be an ideal year to keep an eye on them as they demonstrate their immense talent and passion for music.

Check out 4 of Philly’s fantastic artists to watch below.

Suzann Christine

Soulful songstress Suzann Christine has been well-known figure in the Philly music scene for a few years now, and she’s continuing to demonstrate her musical prowess every single day. Having won various awards, headlining shows, and giving back to the community with her very own non-profit organization (SCH Creative & Performing Arts), Suzann has already tasted success, but her journey is just beginning. Believe me when I say that it won’t be long before we see this beautiful soul on the stage of the Grammys accepting an award or two. Be sure to check out Su’s music and to follow her journey via Facebook and Instagram.

Hambone Relay

Photo: Adam Klein

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to get funky with Philly’s musically adept trio¬†Hambone Relay. It’s impossible to stay seated through a Hambone Relay set as their intoxicating tunes will have your head bobbing and your feet shuffling the second they start jamming. Don’t believe me? Check out some of Hambone Relay’s sonic goodies for yourself.

John Gilbride

Photo: Skyler Jenkins

With the ability to make a room full of strangers feel like best friends through his unique covers of popular songs as well as his own original material, John Gilbride is a Philly musician with charisma, raw talent, and a great stage presence that sets him apart from others. Currently working on new music that he’ll be releasing soon, John can be found around in various Philly venues demonstrating his musical talents and showing why he’s a fan favorite in Philly’s indie music scene. Be sure to follow John Gilbride on Facebook and Instagram to find out where he’ll be killing the stage next.

Jamie Gallagher

Photo: Skyler Jenkins

Philly songbird Jamie Gallagher may be small, but she’s got a voice that’ll blow you away. With melodies and lyrics that can definitely resonate with a lot of music lovers, Jamie puts her everything into her craft and it’s evident when you listen to her phenomenal EP Make Me Believe, but even more so during a live performance. Be sure to keep up with Jamie on Facebook and be sure to visit her official YouTube channel.