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Philadelphia’s music scene has been getting better and better over recent years, and that’s because of insanely talented up and coming artists like Jake Bernard. Now of course, you could stop reading here and check out Jake’s music to make sure I’m telling you the truth, but when you get stuck in the vortex of audible perfection, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As you’ll be able to tell from listening to his tunes, music isn’t just a hobby for Jake. It’s something that he’s legitimately passionate about and has been working on since he was just a child.

“Music has been my calling since I was little. I started playing guitar at 8, and during one lesson my guitar teacher discovered I had perfect pitch – a congenital ability which enables me to tell apart musical pitches/notes the way most can tell apart colors.”

Effortlessly delivering smooth, intoxicating tunes, Jake has been going full force with his music career and began his inevitable ascent to greatness with his 3-track 3PThe intro project served as a great starting point for Jake, and began gaining him even more supporters here in Philadelphia as well as in other cities. It’s worth noting that “One More Try” is my favorite track on the EP, but the project as a whole is just awesome.

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While recording tracks is great, Jake genuinely enjoys being able to perform on stage for music lovers and seeing the authentic reaction of the audience.

“I love performing. I wish I could do it every day, and can’t wait to go on tour. This was subconscious for me for much of my life, but my goal out of every interaction with people has always been to turn a smile or laugh – or just make someone feel good. That’s my ‘mission’ on stage, but not so much a mission as my love for engaging other people and having a good time.”

Jake brings that same positive energy to his video shoots and makes sure that the final product is one that viewers won’t be able to get enough of. With his recent single “City of Love”, the video being directed and produced by Travis Southard, Jake demonstrates his perfect pitch and expertise with a guitar, while simultaneously displaying his laid back demeanor and ability to audibly paint vivid pictures for listeners.

As fellow musicians may know, being an artist isn’t just about having a great voice and being able to play an instrument – it’s about having a true passion for your craft, putting every fiber of your being into your work, demonstrating your talent to the public, and collaborating with/supporting your peers.

Recently, Jake teamed up with sensational songstress Jamie Gallagher to celebrate this past Valentine’s Day with a cover of John Mayer’s “Love on the Weekend”. Music lovers have been thoroughly enjoying the Travis Southard directed video and are anticipating even more visual treats from these awesome peeps.

Jake’s most recent single “Fallon’s Song” sees him demonstrating his vocal prowess while still maintaining the soothing, feel good vibe that he’s becoming  known for. This track is yet another example of Jake’s artistic consistency and dedication to creating quality tunes for the world to indulge in.

Having shown incredible effort and passion when it comes to live shows, releasing music, and more recently videos, Jake is setting himself up to be another noteworthy artist in the music realm. The only way for him to go is up and once Jake’s at the top, I have a feeling that he won’t coming back down.

Be sure to keep up with Jake on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out about his upcoming releases and when you can become enticed by his sonic perfection in a city near you. Also, be sure to support his above mentioned 3P on iTunes, as well as his brand new single “Fallon’s Song” which is out NOW on Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Pandora, Bandcamp and more!