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If you were to create a musical concoction of hypnotic 80’s flavor, adding the realness and raw emotion of soul and R&B, along with some truly ethereal vocals, the end result would be the superb songstress Solána Rowe – better known as SZA. The important thing to note about SZA is that she isn’t just an artist – she’s a musical paragon.

Maybe you’re already familiar with SZA’s work and maybe you’re not, but one thing is for sure, the audible journey that you’ll embark on through SZA’s music is truly enthralling. It only takes one listen to get you hooked, and the addictiveness of Solána’s tunes isn’t something you’ll want to shake.

Fully introducing herself in the form of her first EP See.SZA.Run, the Jersey raised singer/songwriter began to grip the attention of music lovers and fellow creators with her exquisite writing and vocal capabilities. In a past interview with Billboard, SZA shockingly stated that the debut project was completely “accidental”.

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

“See.SZA.Run was totally accidental. I just recorded one song and then another and then it was like ‘You should probably record some other songs and make something out of it.’ I recorded the songs with my friend who lives around the corner from me in Jersey and stole a bunch of beats off the Internet. I had never sang growing up and wasn’t in the church choir or anything like that. And my dad was super strict, so most of the music he let me hear didn’t have any words to it. It was a lot of Miles Davis, Coltrane and that kind of stuff.”

While it may have been accidental, the project delivered terrific tracks that displayed Rowe’s raw, unmatched talent. See.SZA.Run was followed by her projects S and Z, both of which further increased her fan base and displayed her consistent growth and individuality as a musician.

Being in a lane of her own when it comes to her musical style, one of SZA’s latest singles “Drew Barrymore” sees the songstress solidifying her spot as one of the young, heavy hitters in the music realm. With the somber, yet relatable subject matter of the track, Rowe sings a tale that is all too familiar – being young, full of self doubt, and wanting someone who doesn’t fully deserve us. Rowe’s honesty and choice to continue to be an open book for the sake of art will continue to pay off with even more success and critical acclaim throughout her journey.

Having already collaborated and written with artists such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Travis Scott, SZA’s undeniable talent is respected by her peers and fans alike. While still a young, vibrant soul, SZA has displayed her versatility and ability to create unique, yet cohesive sonic works of art that will no doubt stand the test of time.

SZA has a long road of success and countless accolades in her future and I’m excited to see her continued growth as both a person and an artist as time goes on.

Check out the music video for one of my favorite SZA tracks “Love Galore”, and be sure to check out her phenomenal debut album: Ctrl.