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Are the days of courting and genuinely wanting to get to know someone fading away and being replaced with random flings and friends with benefits situations? It certainly feels like it with the way people are going about “dating” nowadays. The days of someone asking to take you out to get to know you seem to be dissipating and we now live in an era where people simply want to “Netflix and chill” or expect you to sleep with them after the first date (and a cheap date at that, but that’s beyond the point).

While there have always been some men and women who try to spend time with potential flames just to get their rocks off, it seems to be becoming even more of a social norm to the younger generation (those aged about 18 to 30). Many times, my friends and I talk about how many guys we just met tend to simply send a text saying something along the lines of “Come over and chill with me” and think that it’s being romantic or cute. No.

Now, I’d be lying if I said I’ve never watched Netflix and chilled with a guy, but that was after we had already been officially dating and had been getting to know each other on a deeper level. If you happen to be a guy who’s interested in me and the feeling is mutual, we actually have to date – get to know each other and go to places I deem acceptable before the topic of coming over is even discussed. For the record, grabbing a bite to eat at places like Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday’s, doesn’t qualify as a date. Call me bougie if you’d like).

There absolutely could be people out there who really prefer to spend time with you in the comfort of their own home and attempt to get to know you, but I’d have to say that 95% of the time, it’s all just a plan for them to try and get their rocks off.

Everyone has a right to go about dating any way they want to, but let’s not forget that we’re all treated the way we allow people to treat us. If you want a serious relationship with a guy, go about in a way where you’re actually building something and not just becoming his go-to bootycall on an uneventful night. If a guy that you’re into is only willing to Netflix and chill with you or only talk to you after 10pm, he isn’t worth any of your time, in my opinion. There are literally billions of other people in the world, and a lot of men/women who would love to actually go out with you and get to know you on more than a physical level.

Do you think real dating is truly becoming a thing of the past or is it just a generational phase? Sound off in the comments below with your own opinions or experiences, and remember to stay classy.