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It’s 2019 and there are still people who seem to always attempt to insert themselves in aspects of other people’s lives that they have no business being a part of. The main area tends to be the dating lives of others. There are constantly those telling others what they think they should do in situations and who they should and shouldn’t date. By “who” they shouldn’t date, it sometimes boils down to the person’s ethnicity.

With all of the race baiting going on in the media and the flare up of racial tension across the nation, some people see the color of someone’s skin and categorize them as an “evil” person. Justified? No. Sensible? Not at all. Judging someone simply based on the color of their skin is a concept that people have fought against and attempted to eradicate for decades. Unfortunately, it seems like society is continuously regressing and individuals are constantly prejudged for the color of their skin instead of being seen as an individual.

For the most part, I’m extremely private with my own dating life – I don’t post photos on social media, I don’t need to check in with the guy on Facebook everytime we go out, and I don’t post statuses telling people that he’s “mine”. One thing that some people do know about my dating life however, is that most of the men I’ve dated have been white, and to some, that’s a “problem”. Now, if you’re a logical and generally intelligent person, you may ask yourself “Why is that a problem?”

Honestly, there are just some individuals who feel as though all white people are evil, conspiring against them, and secretly hate them. While there are disgusting racist people in the world, grouping every single white person into that category is a bit asinine. Generalizing an entire race based on how some people are is called stereotyping, and we don’t like that, now do we?

When I am dating a white guy and I tell people, I sometimes get responses like “I could never date a white guy”, “You should only date black guys”, “Do you hate yourself?”, “They just see you as a fetish”, and more closed minded, idiotic nonsense. Your issues with dating outside of your race are your own issues, and I don’t have to possess the same bigoted thought process that you so blindly follow. I have an open mind and don’t mind dating men of other ethnic backgrounds – besides, it’s 2016, not 1950.

Activists like the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. fought to have everyone seen as equal regardless of the color of their skin. He didn’t put his life on the line to have people purposefully segregating themselves or others, or belittling one another simply due to a difference in skin tone. Sadly, a lot of people have been programmed to see the color of someone’s skin and immediately hate and generalize them due to things that are currently going on across the nation that’s shown in mainstream media, or even events that took place hundreds of years ago.

If I’m dating a white guy and you attempt to use an argument like “They enslaved our ancestors, so you shouldn’t ever deal with them in any capacity”, I’ll need you to actually use your brain. Yes, slavery was a horrible thing that should have never taken place, but in my opinion, you can’t blame those who didn’t even take part in it (and weren’t even born yet). This argument of not blaming entire ethnic groups goes both ways – if you’re white, you shouldn’t look at a person of African, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or Asian descent and generalize them based on the fear mongering propaganda that you’re fed by the media. Get to know the person and build your opinion of them based on the content of their character.

Now, back to my own personal experiences, one thing people don’t seem to understand is that I don’t ONLY date white men. I’ve dated white men, black men, and Hispanic men and ultimately, it comes down to the connection and level of respect that is shown. There are great guys of all racial backgrounds and there are douchebags of all racial backgrounds – it’s based on the individual, not the entire race.

At the end of the day, the color of someone’s skin doesn’t define who they are as a person, no matter how much that narrative likes to be pushed nowadays. If I’m dating a white man and he does what I feel he’s supposed to do in the relationship and treats me the way I deserve to be treated (like royalty), then I’m going to be with him and reciprocate the respect and treatments that’s given. I don’t care if you think I’m a “sell out” or “coon” simply because I don’t have the same closed minded, segregationist mindset that you have. My happiness is the most important thing to me, and that won’t be taken away simply because others have a problem with who I decide to date. Don’t like white men? Don’t date them. Simple. But telling someone that they shouldn’t because of your own issues with interracial relationships is stupid quite frankly. Everyone should live their life and find their form of happiness without the irrelevant, condescending opinions of those who feel as though their train of thought is the “right” one to have.

Have you ever gotten flack for dating outside of your race? Are you against dating outside of your own race? Sound off in the comments below.