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Whether people fully realize it or not, being in a serious relationship with someone is a big deal. You’re investing your emotions, mental capacity, time, and more to another person with the hopes that it could bloom into a life long love story. In saying that, it’s important to note that while not every relationship is “perfect”, it is possible and ideal to put your best foot forward and make and effort to properly develop a partnership.

Of course, every relationship is different depending on the people involved, but I personally feel like there are at least 9 things that every healthy relationship should have.

Check out the list below.


One of the most important aspects of a relationship is the ability to be completely honest with your significant other. While that may be easier said than done when it comes to some instances, honesty is the best policy in the long run. Being open about feelings, concerns, and expectations can lessen the chances of misunderstandings and fallouts, and can bring those involved in the relationship closer together.


Going hand in hand with honesty, communication is needed for any relationship to properly thrive. Something that your significant other did bothering you? Let them know, respectfully of course, and discuss ways to move past the bump in the road, and potentially set up ways to avoid having reoccurring issues. Communication doesn’t always have to be about serious things either. It’s important to be able to talk to your significant other about a plethora of things to increase the fun, knowledge, and emotional connection with each other.

Photo Courtesy of Toa Heftiba


One of the most important aspects of a relationship has to be trust. No one wants to be with someone whim they feel they have to constantly check up on by going through their phone or social media profiles to verify information. Feelings of doubt and mistrust will no doubt lead things going sour. It’s best to be with someone who shows you that they can be trusted, and that they truly value your emotions and the bond that the two of you share.


As human beings, it’s a great feeling to know that we have someone in our corner cheering us on when things get tough or when we have big opportunities being presented to us. Having your significant other give you words of encouragement and verbal reassurance can go a long way, and can alleviate some lingering anxiety that we may be battling with. It’s important to make sure you don’t deal with someone who’s consistently shooting down your ideas, or filling your head with negativity. While they may say it’s them being “realistic”, it’s quite toxic in actuality.


We all know that it’s never a good feeling when you consistently go out of your way for someone and it isn’t reciprocated. Due to that, it’s necessary to show each other that you care and to always reciprocate favorable gestures. Reciprocation not only shows both involved in the relationship that they’re appreciated, but can also add reassurance to the partnership.

Active Listening

Listening to little details that your significant other tells you in the midst of casual conversation can go a long way. Whether it’s simply remembering and repeating said details during a later conversation, or getting them a gift that relates to a small bit of information they provided, it makes others feel good to know that you were actively listening.


While monogamy isn’t for everyone, if it’s agreed upon by both parties, it needs to be upheld. Going behind your significant other’s back to have sexual escapades with others not only disrespects your partner, but also negates any instances of trust and respect that may have been previously present. I always think that if someone isn’t happy with their relationship, they should just let the other person know so they can end things and go on about their lives the way they want to. Cheating on your partner is a complete no go and upholding your promise of monogamy should be immeasurably important throughout the relationship.


Love isn’t worth anything without respect. Being with someone who not only loves you, but also respects you is an absolute must if you wish to maintain a healthy mindset and sense of self throughout. Dealing with a partner who disrespects you has absolutely no benefits, and can be detrimental to your own self esteem and mental well being.


We all have moments where we may say or do things, whether out of frustration or just joking around, that our significant other doesn’t like. It’s important to take accountability for our part in any verbal dispute or over the top joke that we take part in instead of denying blame, or trying to deflect the fault onto the other person. Even if offense wasn’t the intention, it’s important to apologize when needed to show that you’re sorry and that there was no harm intended.