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It’s no secret that New York has a ton of unique places to explore that will open you up to a brand new world of excitement and knowledge. One of those places is the intoxicatingly intriguing Rosé Wine Mansion. It’s there that you’ll not only get to sample some rosé wines from across the globe, but you’ll also learn about some of the different ways that rosé is prepared, and perfect ways to pair your favorite bottle of rosé.

The official Rosé Mansion website perfectly describes the experience as a wine bar + an amusement park + a museum of science for wine as rolled into one incomparably delightful experience.

Rosé Mansion founders Morgan First (left) and Tyler Balliet (right)

I visited the Rosé Mansion last weekend with my best friend, and to say that we had an absolute blast would be an understatement. From the second we walked in, we knew that we were entering a lavish, fun-filled adventure that would be one for the record books.

From start to finish, our experience at Rosé Mansion was just as exquisite as the various wines we sampled. Every member of the Rosé Mansion team was glowing with enthusiasm, and each room offered a different, delicious flavor, both literally and metaphorically.

I definitely recommend the Rosé Mansion to anyone in the NYC area who even remotely loves wine and a welcoming, upbeat environment. I’ll definitely be stopping by again the next time I’m in New York.