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While being an out artist comes with it’s own set of hurdles to overcome and some see it as a risk to come out, multi-talented musician Brett Gleason is a proud out artist who has no problem being vulnerable and honest for the sake of art and starting conversations.

With his music video “Expiration Date”, Brett tackles two emotionally trying subjects that we as humans have to deal with in life: love and loss. In the moving video, viewers witness the passion that Brett and his beau have for each other and for music, before things take heart-wrenching a turn for the worse.

Using clever camera work and an engrossing concept, Brett has once again shown why he’s an artist who is in his own lane and doesn’t have to rely on gimmicks or shock value to generate genuine interest from music lovers.

Check out the video for “Expiration Date” below and be sure to pick up Brett’s album Manifest now. If Manifest leaves you wanting even more of Brett, be sure to become a supporter on his official Patreon page today.