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Vain Culture accepts, and is happy to receive submissions related to the fashion, photography, creative, and beauty realms. We will also potentially accept submissions from emerging musicians, bloggers, writers, fashion brands, designers, stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists. If accepted, your work may be featured on our website and social media platform(s). All submission guidelines can be found below. We look forward to seeing your work!

Full Disclosure: By allowing Vain Culture to publish your work, you grant us permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, marketing material, advertisements, videos and any other mediums or formats used in the creation of Vain Culture content. Note that all involved in any selected works will be properly credited and promoted.

General Submission Guidelines:

  • Submission acceptance will be heavily based on quality of work and professionalism of those involved.
  • Submit no less than five (5) and no more than fifteen (15) photographs related to the work(s) you are submitting.
  • Please be careful not to resubmit images that have already been published on Vain Culture.
  • Send us the complete credits related to the submission. This includes model(s), photographer(s), stylist(s), makeup artist(s), brand names of clothing worn (if applicable), etc. *Send all credits in an extra file (.doc, .txt, .pdf), if possible with their website-links and/or links to social media for those involved.
  • If you are not the original copyright-holder of the submitted content, you must have permission from said copyright-holder, or risk your work(s) being completely removed from Vain Culture.
  • By submitting your work, it does not guarantee that you will be featured in our magazine/website immediately, or at all. Submission Limit & Response Times below for more information.

Submission Limit & Response Times

  • You are welcome to submit more than one editorial as often as you’d like via our submission email: vainculturemedia@gmail.com
  • Please be patient as I receive numerous submissions daily. Should you be selected to have your works featured, you will be notified within 48-72 hours, and will be given further information


  • All submission files / photos should be sent as a .jpg or .png format. No download links or zipped files will be accepted unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Please make sure your files are large enough to be posted and used on the site without any distortion or unnecessary stretching.
  • No borders or watermarks. Please do NOT include borders or watermarks. Photo credit will be given to photographers, as well as links to their websites and/or social media platforms.


By submitting, I understand that my submission will be reviewed, but may not be selected for publication. I also acknowledge that I am the copyright-holder of the image(s) being submitted, or have the permission of the copyright-holder to submit the image(s).